Ebike rental

Majestic is your hotel with e-bike in Alassio.

 Try our e-bike rental service.
Thanks to the e-bikes owned by the Majestic hotel and ready to be rented, you will be able to discover Alassio and its surroundings with all the convenience and ease of use of electric bicycles.

After all, e-bikes represent one of the best ways to explore a territory.  From MTBs to road bikes , e-bike rental in Liguria allows you to experience the place from a unique perspective.

In addition to renting electric bicycles to its guests, Majestic has activated several projects and routes for MTB. Proposals suitable for everyone, to immerse oneself in a land that runs between the sky and the sea. Why take advantage of the e-bike rental in Alassio? Because, the city has invested a lot in the world of two wheels. They studied an accurate maintenance and mapping of the paths, took care of the signs and mapped the area with GPS tracks and maps for MTB, road bikes and the best hiking trails. This is the context where the hotels with e-bikes in Alassio fit.

 Choosing an e-bike rental in Alassio means venturing along truly extraordinary itineraries. Depending on your level of training, your physical condition and your knowledge of the vehicle, you can climb hiking trails or indulge in peaceful scenic rides.

The staff of the Majestic hotel is available to customers, not only for e-bike rental in Liguria but also to recommend them the best itineraries according to their wishes and level of experience.